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Sign up for Kajabi with one of my referral links and I will give you 3 bonuses


30 minute strategy meeting

30 days of 1 on 1 coaching and technical support

2 months access to my support group

Kajabi Affiliate Bonuses


Hi, I'm a Kajabi Affiliate. If you start a 30-Day Free Trial of Kajabi with one of my referral links and I will give you 3 bonuses:


30 minute strategy meeting

30 days of 1-on-1 coaching and technical support

2 months of access to my support group

jd in a Kajabi t-shirt

30 Minute Strategy Meeting

In this meeting you can tell me about your business and what you want to use Kajabi for.

Then I'll give you a tour and show you what features in Kajabi to start with and which you can ignore.

I'll also show you some key settings to pay attention to right away.

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30 Days 1 on 1 Coaching and Technical Support

I use Voxer, a free voice messaging app, to give you direct access to me for any help you need with Kajabi in the first 30 days.

You can ask me high level questions, like how do I set up a lead magnet to grow my list; I'll walk you through the features to use and how to connect them.

Or, you can ask me technical questions, like how do I resize the image on the screen and move it around; I'll talk you through what buttons you need to press and where what you're looking for is controlled.

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Voxer lets you ask your questions in the moment when you have them, no need to write them down or remember them for later. If we are working at the same time, I will get back to you right away, if we aren't, your question will be there for me when I get back to work.

2 Months Access to my Support Group

I hold weekly office hours where group members can join the zoom meeting, share their screen, and get the help they need for what they are working on.

The meetings are shared live in the Facebook Group and the recordings are kept there.

You can ask questions during the week in the group and I will make short video responses showing the answer to your questions. These videos are saved in a library for future use and the benefit of the group.

This is a paid group you get free access to for 2 months. Click the link to learn more about my Kajabi support group.

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Ready to see if Kajabi is right for you?

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Kajabi Affiliate Bonuses