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kajabi Jul 12, 2022

Kajabi has a strong reputation for being one of the best platforms for digital courses and memberships. They also have a very powerful website editor and do a great job with landing pages, but this is less well known. I get asked by a lot of people how good their websites are, so I put together this post to showcase a sample of sites that are built with Kajabi. 


Today I’m going to show 10 Kajabi website examples so that you can get a better idea of how powerful it truly is. Kajabi is best known for digital courses and memberships. Therefore, many Kajabi websites fall under the category of training and coaching. In this category, we chose the websites of several well-known public figures like Grant Cardone and Mike Herzog. If you are interested in looking at course and membership examples as well as what behind the scenes looks like, check out my post on that here.


Some of these sites utilize Kajabi for sales pages and their course content. Some of these Kajabi examples are entrepreneurs who only use Kajabi, while some use Kajabi and other platforms. I'm not affiliated with any of these sites or promoting their content, they are just examples that I’ve found from searching the internet.


Category 1 of Kajabi Website Examples: Training and Coaching 

#1: Mike Herzog - The Life Design Center 

Mike Herzog is the founder of Life Design Center and the author of Never Too Late and Superpower 5.0. His website helps thousands of individuals to live life intentionally.


Not only has he taken advantage of Kajabi’s membership site builder, he has made it possible to buy physical products from his website by linking his Amazon offerings under the Books tab. He also uses Kajabi’s powerful marketing tools by having a couple of the tabs capture site visitors’ information if they’re interested in learning more. 


Finally, his course page directly offers his three courses. When you click on any particular course offered, it explains what you’ll get with the course, including coupons toward future purchases on the site.


#2: Grant Cardone - 10X Training and more

Grant Cardone's Training Center site is built on Kajabi. Grant Cardone was Forbes Magazine’s number one “marketer to watch” in 2017. He’s a real estate mogul, sales coach, author, and motivational speaker. Through his website, he teaches and trains people to increase revenue streams through mastering sales techniques and more.


Kajabi itself shows his landing page as one of the top 25 “landing pages that convert like crazy” (see the article here).


#3: Telehealth and Coaching | Dr. Karla MD

Dr Karla is a teen health advocate fighting toxic diet culture and toxic positivity. She has spent the last twenty years of her pediatric career working to address the childhood obesity epidemic. Healthcare’s BMI-focused approach has not been helpful and has sometimes been harmful. Things need to change and she is bringing that change to light from your professional practice, her online community, and on TikTok.


#4: Life & Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs - Brooklyn Jolley

Brooklyn is a self made entrepreneur who coaches on mindset and strategy for your business. Kajabi powers this site, sales funnel, email marketing, and course/membership content. It covers everything she needs to run her business and allows her to manage it all with one login.


Category 2 of Kajabi Website Examples: Parenting

#5: Crystal The Parenting Coach

Crystal The Parenting Coach is a connection-based parenting coach and helps moms build attachment with their children and become their own parenting expert. This site is built solely with Kajabi and uses lead generation, automated marketing, payment collection, and digital content management/delivery.


#6: Homeschooling Simplified

Homeschooling Simplified is all about offering an Open House with 20+ teaching experts to “help you find the confidence you need to make homeschooling work.” It even offers an opportunity to see who those experts are. I chose the Homeschooling Simplified website simply because it is so simple. If you don’t need something particularly flashy or extensive, you can make something like this. The best part? No coding is necessary.


Category 3 of Kajabi Website Examples: Fitness and Activity

#7: Ricky Lundell - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling video courses

Ricky Lundell is the youngest North American to receive his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the youngest to receive the fourth degree as well (he was 31 at the time). His website is all about learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu, grappling, wrestling, self-defense and other martial arts. He has since turned his passion into a very successful online course business. You can too!


#8: Jen René Yoga

Jen has extensive experience as a yoga and pilates teacher. She is also a wellness coach. The interesting thing about her is that she isn’t as renowned as some of the other people and businesses mentioned, yet she still has seen a great degree of success using Kajabi to create her website. Kajabi works for both big-name professionals and others who work on a bit smaller scale.


#9: Deborah Case Dance Academy

Deborah Case Dance Academy has been at it for over 40 years. Here is another example of a fairly simple website that has supported a great smaller company, allowing it to become a more accessible one through uploaded videos on Kajabi’s digital platform. 


#10: The Fight Back Project - Trauma Informed Kickboxing

The Fight Back Project is all about teaching kickboxing, martial arts, and other exercises that cater to women. Georgia, the founder, is open about her experience on the About Georgia page. You’ll see a simple, inviting website built using Kajabi.


Bonus: Launch Today | Beautiful Kajabi Themes

I wanted to include this last site as a bonus to showcase that if you are interested in a completely customs experience on your website, you can work with groups like this and buy a custom theme that allows you to go way beyond out of the box with Kajabi.


Final Thoughts on These Kajabi Examples

Ultimately, there are no limits when it comes to which businesses can utilize Kajabi for their website. Kajabi also gives you access to put custom code on each page if you are in to that for a more unique on page experience. As for products, you can either do online courses (as many have done) or link to an external website like Amazon in order to sell physical materials.

The above sites are good examples of Kajabi in action. The best way to know for sure if you will like the website editor is to try it out yourself. I am an affiliate for Kajabi and offer people a way to get a 30-Day free trial as well as a ton of extra support during their trial to help them make the most of their free time. If you are interested in starting a free trial or learning more about how I help people when they start Kajabi. Click here.



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