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Are you looking for a

Kajabi Expert

I can work FOR you or WITH you

Are you looking for a

Kajabi Expert

I can work FOR you
WITH you

For You

You can hire me to do the work for you in Kajabi.

I can:

  • Transfer your existing website into Kajabi
  • Design and build you a new website
  • Build your course or membership site
  • Design and build your sales page
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With You

I can teach you everything you'll need to do in Kajabi.

There are two options:

  • One-on-one mentorship: I can mentor you or members of you team to become your own Kajabi expert
  • Group support: I can show you how and help you get your Kajabi work done in group meetings
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One-on-One Mentorship


Working with me to teach you how to use Kajabi is like understanding all the secrets of the universe. (pst. I don't understand the universe, that's just a metaphor) There will be no more wondering about what impact a setting will have, why whatever you are seeing on your screen is happening, or what your client experience will be.


I will help you understand all of that, and teach you how to control it.


Mentorship is a learning by doing experience. We start with the work you need done, and I guide you through it in the best way.

Along the way of you getting your work done, I teach you everything.

I teach you what Kajabi is thinking, what it wants you to do, how to push its button so it gives you what you want. Everything you need to know to do your work with confidence and understanding.

On top of that, when we're done, your work is too, because we used your to-do list as the curriculum for your learning.

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Some Client Experiences

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Done For You


You can hire me to build your sales pages, websites, courses and memberships. I will help you hone your messaging and create something that speaks directly to your perfect client.

I'll design something you will love to show the world and bring you joy to use.

You can see examples of my work below, except for course because their paywalled. If you have a project in mind and want to talk about it, book a consult with me.

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Sales Page

I can design and build your sales page. Some of the recent pages I've built are available below. Your role is to provide the copy, graphics, and design styles/features you like from other pages you've seen. With that in hand, I will take care of the rest to create a design you love and build your page.

Website Design

Creating a website is a big deal, it puts your business on display to the world. Your why, your how, and your who. I will help you take your vision and weave it through the pages of your site. Together we will build a site map and the flow and purpose of each page. Your role is to provide the copy, graphics, and design styles/features you like from other pages you've seen. From there I will finish the design and build your site. Below are some of the sites I've built recently for you to see my work.

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