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How to Create a Kajabi Membership Site

kajabi Jun 08, 2022

Are you thinking about adding a membership subscription to an online course you sell? If you are Kajabi is a great option to consider. You’re probably already familiar with Kajabi, but if not, I have a couple of pages about what Kajabi is and how Kajabi is priced for your review.

In this article I’m going to cover who can benefit from a Kajabi membership site, why you should create one, and how. The best part? I’ve got some great examples for you of what the user experience is and how they look.


What is a Kajabi membership site?

A membership site is a product within Kajabi that you can sell to your clients. It is like an online course except that you engage with your members on a regular basis, usually weekly or monthly. It is this engagement that creates new content and turns online courses into membership models.

In a model like this, paying members keep getting new content, typically it is help from you or participation in the community you've created, that will help them progress through course content. You can engage with your clients in a membership site by having live meetings for your members and then keeping the recordings available in the site. This makes a huge difference in the progress someone can make through your course training and is where the real value of a membership subscription is made.

Kajabi is an industry leader in providing a good user experience for both you the creator and your paying members. Accessing content, navigating the member area, and managing your subscription are all easy to do. Check out the video at the top of the page to see what the user experience is like in some different membership sites (screen share starts around 1 minute)

Kajabi's podcast hosting is a great tool to consider while you are brainstorming what type of membership content you want to include for your members. With it, you can create private a private podcast that is the audio recordings of your live coaching. Your client being able to listen to your content in the same way they get their podcasts is a great selling feature and makes it that much easier for them to stay connected and involved. This is another reason to choose to build your membership site on Kajabi.


Who can benefit from a Kajabi membership site?

I have worked with entrepreneurs in many different niches who have used a membership product to retain their clients in their online business. Memberships imply ongoing training/community/interaction between you and your clients. If your business model includes products that your clients will benefit from continual use, like coaching, or technical support, then a membership could be a great way to retain them as clients. This is applicable for online as well as brick and mortar shops.


Why should I create a Kajabi membership site?

These are some of the benefits I see online business owners are getting from their memberships. 

  • Create a community around your products

  • Generate loyalty for your brand

  • Update the program easily as you need it to

  • Build engagement with your clients over time

  • Stabilize your income with recurring revenue

Let me give you an example. If you are selling a course that involves you giving coaching during the course, you can create a membership that will give your clients the opportunity to continue getting that group coaching. Instead of having your clients finish the course and be done with you, you can upsell them at the end to join the membership and keep working with you. You can also have exclusive content in the membership site that isn't in the course to help with the upsell.


Building your Kajabi membership site’s structure

The first step in creating your Kajabi membership is to sign up for Kajabi. They make this really easy and offer a 14 Day free trial on their site, it only takes a couple minutes to sign up. If you are interested in using Kajabi, whether you are just wanting to see what it is like, or if you know you want to jump right in with them; I can give you a 30 Day free trial here. As an affiliate for Kajabi I will also give you an unheard of bonus during your trial to help you figure out if Kajabi is the right tool for your business. All you need to do is sign up through the link above or any other link on my page and I will be your personal tech support for Kajabi during your trial, 1-on-1 support, click the link if you want to learn more about that. 

You can build a membership site in any of the pricing plans: Basic, Growth, or Pro. The difference between them that is most relevant to membership sites is the quota you get for products. In basic you get 3, in growth you get 15, and in pro you get 100. If you want to learn more about the different plan check out me article about Kajabi Pricing.

Once you’re in Kajabi, it is actually so easy to get your membership started. This is Kajabi’s bread and butter, they aren’t industry leaders in membership sites by chance.


Creating your Kajabi membership site

When you build a membership site in Kajabi it uses 1 ‘product’ from your quota. Building your membership area is done the same way you build online courses, adding your content in the backend, and branding/customizing the design of the front end. There are several templates to help you with the design, Premier and Momentum are the most popular and the templates that Kajabi are continually improving and updating.


Screenshot of Kajabi membership site templates


Adding your content is very easy to do, there are 2 things you need to learn, the template and how to control delivery. I have a screenshot of the template below, this is where you add your main media, any downloadable content, and any supplemental material.



Screen shot of template page to add content in Kajabi


You get to control when your content is available to your members with 4 options:

  • Published

  • Draft

  • Drip

  • Locked


Linking your Kajabi membership site to a domain

Getting a free “mykajabi .com” domain when you sign up, is one of the many Kajabi features included in all pricing plans. That being said, domains are cheap and you’ll probably want to use your own. Kajabi supports custom domain use by being a primary or subdomain. You would use a sub domain if your website is staying outside of Kajabi. Ie. If your domain is thecoachsupport.com, and your website wasn’t in Kajabi, then your subdomain for all your Kajabi content could be training.thecoachsupport. com


The Bottom Line

If you already sell online courses, or are thinking about doing that, and your products aline with the membership model then you should consider Kajabi. Kajabi makes creating membership sites easy, and so is updating its content. They are an industry leader in this area and are used by multi million dollar coaches like, Brendon Burchard, Amy Porterfield, Graham Cochrane, and many others.

If you are thinking about adding a membership to your business or moving your existing site to Kajabi to up your game, give them a try with this 30 Day free trial and I will help you get it set up. It’s realistic to think that you can get your membership set up during your trial so you can see first hand if Kajabi is right for you without having to pay a fee. Someone who signed up with Kajabi and took advantage of my bonus 1-on-1 support, had her membership site set up in one week.




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