Kajabi Code Hacks

There are some things in Kajabi that you should just be able to do...
but can't

Here's my list:

  • Change the size of the font in the text block right from the text block¬†even mid-sentence!
  • Change the font, on the page, where you want it different.
  • Have an underline that is a different color from the text, or thicker than normal, or dotty!
  • Have more control over the font in your header beyond color and size. Font type, spacing, hover effect, etc.
  • Having more control over buttons
  • Being able to change the size of the titles on the blog listing page
  • Having more control over forms
  • And having options for bullet list icons.

All of these things are possible. Click below to learn how.


Stand Out in Kajabi

Taking control of all of the above is within reach of anyone who is able to use Kajabi.



It is as simple as copy and paste.



You just need to know what to copy, and where to paste it.

Fonts Can be Fun!


This is an example of how you can use multiple fonts in your copy


It's Over the top for sure


But you get the point.

Easy Peasy

Totally Want This




This is easy to do, I make this easy. This can be easy for you.




I've worked with many Kajabi users, helping them understand the platform, these are some of their experiences.

Let me show you

This is a real video of me, pretending to be you, copying and pasting from the material in this course.

  • Notice that I copy and paste code around the words I want to change
  • Notice that there is very little to change with the code I give you, it works right out of the box
  • What you can't notice (because this is pretty much just a video of my screen) is how happy I am that this is so easy
  • Also, notice in the pricing section that¬†easiness¬†is guaranteed. When you¬†buy this course, if it turns out to be too difficult for you to use, I'll refund your purchase.
Get the Course

The Course Contains

  • This course consists of videos and a workbook.¬†Check out the sample video¬†using the workbook above.
  • There are timestamps in the description of¬†the videos so you can jump to certain parts to review how to use the code you want¬†in that moment.
  • The workbook¬†helps to explain how to use the code in case you need a refresher and don't have time to watch the video again, its not just a sheet of what to copy and paste.
  • The workbook is easy to navigate, is color coded to help you understand what to copy and what to change, and is used throughout the videos to help you become familiar with using it.

There are 3 things I will teach you that will make using this code possible for you.


FIRST, understand what the code does. This is actually easy because we are mostly dealing with code that is written in normal language. What I mean by that is the code to change the font size is "font-size:..." so you can read it and know it changes the font size. My video explanations will make understanding what the code does very easy. The worksheets also take care of this.

SECOND, understand where to put it. This part is very straightforward. Kajabi makes this easy, and my videos and worksheets will give you everything you need. Once you've done this a few times it becomes a very simple process.

THIRD, understand what to change in the code. You will catch on to this very quickly. Not only do I explain it in the videos, and make it so so very clear in the worksheets for your quick reference, but in most cases the code itself makes it easy to know. Going back to the normal language thing, the code for changing the font size to 30px is "font-size: 30px", what number would you change in that if you wanted it to go to 40px, that's right, the 40.


All the code I used on this page is in the course, it is straightforward stuff and I break it down into simple to understand steps and give you easy to use guides.

I'm confident that I have made this so easy to understand that anyone can do it.


So confident that I've invented the 'Easiness Guarantee'.


When you buy this course, if you find it isn't easy enough to do the things I've said you can do, let me know and you'll get a full refund.

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I'm confident that I have made this so easy to understand that anyone can do it.


So confident that I've invented the 'Easiness Guarantee'.


When you buy this course, if you find it isn't easy enough to do the things I've said you can do, let me know and you'll get a full refund.

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If you want to be able to do the kinds of things you see on this page, buy this course, and you will be able to.

Code Hacks for Kajabi


What You Get

  • Videos giving world-class explanations and showing step-by-step instructions on how to use the worksheets to make these things happen in your Kajabi
  • The workbook showing¬†you everything you need to copy and explains where to paste it and what to change.
  • The good feelings that come from knowing you won't be stuck in frustration next time you want to adjust your font size or add a cool decorative font to your page
  • A risk-free purchase because of the easiness guarantee. If you go through this material and find it isn't easy enough to do the things I teach, you can get a full refund.
  • Bonus content for those creative¬†people who are also comfortable getting deeper into the weeds and having some fun with design. The bonus content hasn't been used on this page, it may¬†ignite a spark of fear or excitement within you, maybe both.¬†No hints as to what it is, it's a true bonus, entirely extra and a step beyond the bounds of necessity to be successful in this course. I've only included it because I think it is fun :) and rewarding to use! The bonus content is not covered by the easiness guarantee.

List of the code 'things' you get:

  1. Font size
  2. Letter spacing
  3. Line height
  4. Text shadow effect
  5. Underline control
  6. Vertical text
  7. Makes every letter uppercase
  8. Text highlight Gradient highlight/underline
  9. Circle highlight
  10. Font Type
  11. Colored divider bar
  12. Rotated text
  13. Custom bullet icons
  14. Different bullet icons in one list
  15. Heading Font type, letter spacing, menu item spacing, hover effect, underlines, and color control
  16. Using custom fonts from Google, or Adobe, or other licensed fonts you've purchased
  17. Form controls
  18. Button text controls
  19. Last and not least, blog title size on the listing page
  20. I think that's all of them...

Questions and Answers

OK Let's Do This

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Leave your name and email below and I will send you my free guide to give you a taste of using code. The guide gives you the code to change the size of any font, mid-sentence, or add a colored highlight or underline. 

This is probably easier than you think, but I have to say, the video content of the course will make this so so SO much easier.


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