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Do You Need Code to use Kajabi?

kajabi Jun 10, 2024

Kajabi is an all-in-one digital platform designed for creators to turn them into digital entrepreneurs. It provides tools course creators need to create, market, and sell digital content like online courses, coaching packages, and community.


Kajabi was founded on the premise that anyone with a basic skill level in computers and the internet can handle starting their own online business. It is focused on being user-friendly and making complex things easy; things like building websites or sales funnels, setting up email sequences, collecting payments, and delivering online courses. See my other articles for a detailed explanation of Kajabi or to learn about Kajabi pricing.


Kajabi’s Website and Landing Pages Editor

Kajabi uses a section and block-based content management system for its website and landing pages. This makes it easy for everything to line up and doesn’t leave you staring at the screen dragging content blocks everywhere to see what layout will be exactly perfect.


Kajabi gives you tools to control the size of the blocks and control the padding inside the block so you can make sure your content is on the page where you want it to be. You can also control the spacing between blocks if you want to go outside the traditional section spacing grid making it so you can customize kajabi without coding.


The page editor is designed as a no-code-needed editor. However, it does provide an area for you to work with code. You can access the CSS area for each page, put custom code blocks on your page, and access the HTML source code of each text block.


Kajabi customization without coding

Kajabi gives you 40+ suggested section layouts to choose from giving you lots of customization without coding.

 screen shot of differnt section layouts that can be added to kajabi pages without code

In each section, you also have access to all the content blocks to add, remove, or rearrange them as you need.


Kajabi is integrated with Common Ninja and you can set up and add their widgets right in the Kajabi website page builder. All Kajabi plans come with one free widget and you can access more widgets by subscribing to a payment plan with Common Ninja. There are dozens of widgets (some are shown below) that you can add to your page, all code-free, to give you much more flexibility in designing your pages.

screenshot of some of the common ninja widgets that can be added to kajabi pages without code 

Kajabi Code Editor

If you want to access all the code files for your Kajabi site, you need to upgrade your plan to the Pro Plan. The code editor lets you take complete control over the code that runs your site in Kajabi. This is not intended to be used by people who don’t know what they are doing and requires extensive knowledge of website development.


What customization can you do in Kajabi with code?

Using the custom CSS area in Kajabi and the HTML source code for text blocks gives you a lot of flexibility to go out-of-the-box with your page design, as you can see on my Kajabi code page. Common modifications that you need to use code for are, unique font settings for styled underlines or text highlights, custom bullet list icons, or form styling and button styling.


Questions About Using Code in Kajabi


Do you need to know how to code to use Kajabi?

No, you don’t need to know how to use code to use Kajabi. Its website page builder is designed to be a no-code page editor and has many user-friendly features to help you set your page up without getting lost in choices or confusion.


Can you add widgets to Kajabi pages?

Yes, Kajabi has integrated Common Ninja into their webpage and landing page builder so you can set up and add widgets right in Kajabi while you are working on your pages.


Can you edit the CSS or HTML code in Kajabi?

Yes, Kajabi gives you access to the CSS of each page. You can also access the HTML of text blocks in the page editor. If you want to add other code like iframes or javascript, you can use custom code blocks on the page.


Is using Kajabi easy?

Kajabi is meant to be easy. Whether it is or not is up to you. It is supposed to be learnable and useable by people with not formal training in website building. They provide many templates to help guide you or give you design inspiration and provide many training videos in the Kajabi University.


In my opinion, yes it is easy, but you will still have to learn how to use it, and until then, it will be unfamiliar and new to you.


What do Kajabi websites look like?

The best way to see what Kajabi websites look like is to look through as many of them as you can. You woun’t be able to tell what has been done without code, but you will get a sense of what they look like. I have compiled a list of Kajabi website examples and Kajabi also has example content on its website that its users have created.


Kajabi 30-Day Free Trial

If you think now is the right time to try out Kajabi you can sign up with my 30-day free trial link and I will give you 3 free sign-up bonuses. I am an affiliate for Kajabi and have helped over 100 people test it out and see if it is right for them. The help I give my referrals is designed to help you understand as quickly as possible if Kajabi is right for you and will meet your needs. The goal is to know if you want to keep using it before your trial is over. Check out my bonuses page, I’ll help flatten the learning curve for you and be there to answer your questions.


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