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kajabi Jul 05, 2022

If you’re looking to use Kajabi for your business, then consider trying it out first with a free trial to see if it meets your needs. You will always be able to get a 14-Day Kajabi Free trial from their website but if you do it right, you can get a 30-Day Free trial plus some incredible bonuses and sometimes an even longer promotional sign up offer than 30 days.


This article is about how to get the most you can from signing up for the Kajabi free trial and what you need to do to sign up. I also talk about Kajabi’s guarantee and refund policy, as well as how to cancel and get a refund.


What is Unique about the Kajabi free trial 

Choosing a platform to dedicate your time and energy to for your business is a big decision. Sometimes it is difficult to know if a platform will be the right one for you. Starting with a free trial is the best way to experience the product and inform yourself of that decision. Even better though, is starting a free trial and getting expert support, also for free, during your trial.


Kajabi uses affiliate marketing to sell their product. This means that your experience signing up for a Kajabi free trial can be different depending on how you do it. What I mean is that because affiliates get a commission from Kajabi for bringing people into Kajabi, they will do extra things to draw more customers. Every affiliate is different, and may be willing to offer different bonuses to you for signing up through them instead of another.


For example, my affiliate bonus is massive because when people hear it, I want it to be a no brainer to sign up to Kajabi through me. I give everyone who signs up for a 30-Day free trial through the links on my page the following 3 bonuses:


1-on-1 coaching and support during the trial. This is a game changer because getting free access to a program is one thing, but having an expert guide to help you understand how to use that free access puts you on a totally different level. 


Beyond the 1-on-1 support I give you, you also get 2-months access to group support in my weekly office hours. In these meetings you can join, share your screen, and I will walk you through whatever you are working on or wondering about in Kajabi. If you don’t want to bring something to the meeting you can just come to watch and learn from what other people are doing.


Lastly, we will have a 30 minute strategy meeting at the beginning where you can explain to me what your business is doing and what you hope to use Kajabi for. I’ll then show you around the platform and point you in the right direction with the features that will be most relevant to you and what your business is doing.


So if you sign up through me, you get all three of those bonuses at no extra cost to youplus you get a 30-Day free trial instead of a 14-Day free trial.


Here is some of the feedback I've gotten from the help I've given during their trial.




If you sign up through the Kajabi website, you get your 14 days, and you get to use them alone. That’s what I was getting at when I said that the way you sign up for a Kajabi Free trial makes a difference to the experience you get.


Now, because this comes up sometimes, I want to mention this before I move on. If you just recently signed up for a 14-Day free trial, and then found me and my sign up bonuses, you can get added to my list and I’ll happily give you my bonus offers. Just send me an email and let me know you’re interested. [email protected]


What does a Kajabi free trial give me?

In short, the Kajabi free trial gives you full use of the Growth plan, as if you were a paying customer–but for free and for a limited time. When you sign up for the 14-Day or 30-Day free trial, you get put in the Growth pricing plan and access to all of the features, not just a limited amount of those features.


How to sign up for a Kajabi free trial

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for Kajabi, you need a credit card to sign up but you won’t be billed until your free trial is complete. You can click here to get the 30-Day free trial plus my affiliate sign up bonuses. Once you sign up, you will be in the basic plan and can upgrade to the growth plan during or after your trial if is what your business needs (I can help you figure that out during your trial). You won't be charged until either the trial period passes or you upgrade to the growth plan. After you sign up, Kajabi will send you an email from me with the details of how to get in touch and start using my support. If you have any questions about signing up, I would love to answer them, email me at [email protected]


The Kajabi free trial guarantee

Kajabi has a 30 day money back guarantee. If you forget to cancel before the trial offer period ends. No sweat! You can request a refund within 30 days of the first payment made, no questions asked. This is only possible for the very first month of billing.


How to cancel your Kajabi free trial or paid plan

First, you’ll need to navigate to “Settings” from the dashboard. From there, you’ll need to select “Billing” from under “Account Settings.” Next, you’ll need to navigate to “Plan Details.” There should be an option to cancel under “Please cancel my account.” This will make your site automatically deactivate at the end of the trial or billing cycle.


Keep in mind that this will only cancel any future payments, so if you still need a refund (if you go past the free trial period but still within 30 days of making your first payment) you will need to email Kajabi to make that request.


What if I don’t want to cancel entirely?

There is also another great option called “Park It.” For $29 per month, this allows you to pause your Kajabi subscription (meaning your site will go inactive, but you retain all information and progress you’ve already made). If you choose this option, you will not be able to customize, build, or grow your site until you decide to pay the plan fees again.


One very important thing to note when parking your account is that members and contacts will not be able to access your site; it will appear as though it is offline. Even products your members have purchased cannot be accessed. You will also want to pause billing on your members’ accounts while Parked, because if you don’t, Kajabi will continue billing them.


The Bottom Line

The Kajabi free trial allows owners of any-sized business to flexibly test which plan best suits their business. Signing up through an affiliate may give you access to even more. If you are thinking about using Kajabi, the only obstacle is if you have the time to get into it and poke around enough to see if it will be the best option for you.


The best reason to start Kajabi with a free trial is because you get access to affiliate bonuses. My affiliate bonus is a 30 minute strategy meeting, 1-on-1 support during your trial, and 2 months access to group support during my weekly office hours, all at no extra charge. If this sounds like something that would help you get the most out of your time spent in Kajabi during your trial period then click here and get access to your 30-Day free trial today.



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