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Is Kajabi AI Worth Using? A Full Review of Kajabi Ai

kajabi May 27, 2024

Generative AI is crazy, it can do so much, and at the same time so little. It took the world by surprise in 2023, and seems to be everywhere and in everything already in 2024. Kajabi has incorporated AI into many of its features. If you learn how to use the Kajabi AI, it can really speed up your workflows and maybe even improve your output.


This article highlights the areas in Kajabi where AI has been integrated and will describe what it can do to help you get the most out of your existing Kajabi features. I will also give my opinion about how useful each of the AI integrations are.


Does Kajabi Have AI?

Yes, Kajabi has AI, and has incorporated the technology throughout the platform to improve the existing feature set and user experience. You will find AI in a: 

  • General Assistant that can help you with anything, and whether you deem it clever or corny, it’s called Ama which is short for ask me anything.
  • Landing Page Builder: This tool simplifies the process of creating opt-in pages, making it quick and easy to get an opt-in page started.
  • Online Course Setup:This tool takes your course topic and description and sets up your Kajabi course product with modules and lessons based on the AI’s best ideas about what a course like this should teach.
  • Chatbot powered through creator.io that you can train to interact with your clients either for lead generation and sales, as a course assistant to answer questions, or a support specialist to troubleshoot problems.
  • Creator Studio, which is a feature-rich creation tool for taking your existing video content and creating social media content, closed caption script files, and so much more that lets you repurpose and get more value out of your content.


These AI features are designed to streamline operations, enhance engagement, and support the growth of your online coaching or course business on Kajabi.


Kajabi Ama (Ask me anything)

The general AI assistant Ama is the prominent inclusion of AI into the Kajabi platform. It is general in the sense that you can ask it anything, and it appears on more general pages like the dashboard, offers page, and landing/website page editor.


From the Kajabi dashboard you see Ama in the top right of your screen as seen in the screenshot below.

A screen shot of the Kajabi dashboard with an arrow showing where the Ama button is 

When you are editing emails or pages you see Ama in the bottom right of your screen like this screenshot below.

A screen shot of a Kajabi landing page with an arrow showing where the Ama button is 

Click these little stary buttons, Ama will pop up and you can chat with it right on the page like you would with a support specialist. You can literally ask Ama anything and it will give you answers.


Some relevant examples specific to the task at hand could be: 'Help me come up with a good subject for my email' or 'Make headings for my landing page'.


You can also ask it more general advice like: 'How can I grow my business' or 'What are different strategies for building a lead magnet to grow my email list'.


One of the best features of Kajabi’s AI is that there is a guide, the AI prompt playbook, to help you understand how Ama responds to prompts and how you can structure your prompts/questions to get the best results from it. You can learn more about how to make good prompts for Ama from Kajabi’s help article How to Write an Effective AI Prompt for Ama.


The Ama AI integration can be an effective tool. I expect that after learning how to use it effectively, you would find it a useful tool to strengthen and enhance your content, but not something you can delegate your content creation to.


Landing Page Builder

The Kajabi AI landing page builder is a 3 step process to help you create your opt-in page. The AI page generator creates a simple landing page with a heading, subheading, form, and social links. It could be a good place to start if you are new to Kajabi and will find it easier to start with a simpler page than one of the landing page templates.


When I tested this feature, it was convenient to have these basic elements put together for me, but I was disappointed that it didn’t also set up a form that was linked to the page but instead just put a placeholder form on the page that needed to be replaced. Once you become familiar with the Kajabi page editor, I expect that you will bypass this AI generator and find it easier and more useful set up your pages manually.


Can You Create a Course With AI in Kajabi?

Kajabi has a great online course set up wizard that guides you in a few steps to get the basics of what you need for your online course product created. In this setup wizard, they added a little toggle that will take the information you added for your title and description and through their AI, build your course, build a landing page for people to sign up to the waitlist and draft an email that announces your course.


There are two sides to the AI online course builder tool, the landing page, email, and course that are set up and the content on each of those. What impresses me the most with this integration of AI is how good it did at setting up the email, and the form for the landing page, and the template of the landing page itself.


The announcement email was surprisingly good. The copy was much better than all the other parts of this AI creation. It would be very easy to use this email and only need to tweak a few minor things.


The landing page template was also good and worth using; not because of the copy on the page, but because it created a good basic template that fits with the copy and would be a great place to start if you didn’t have a design already in mind. You will need to change all the copy, but it is organized on the page in a way that makes it easier to do than if you were starting from scratch.


Another surprise is the AI created a form and connected it to the landing page. They even added a tag automation to the form and drafted a very usable double opt-in email to go along with the double opt-in form style.


The copy on the course is complete garbage, you will for sure be deleting all of that. But that should be expected because you are likely setting up a course because you have the valuable content inside you to give to your people and you’re not looking to sell a course that an AI bot created.


With all of this considered, I like the AI integration Kajabi has made within the online course builder. I think it is useful because it reaches out into several important areas of Kajabi and does a lot of the leg work to get the mechanics of what you are doing set up.


Does Kajabi Have a Chatbot?

Kajabi’s newest AI integration is a Chatbot made possible through a partnership with creator.io

A promotional banner for Kajabi's new AI assistant, Creator.io. The banner features a conversation with the chatbot, discussing finding a course on lighting techniques. The text highlights the assistant's capability to enhance customer engagement and support various business activities.

It has different functions and can be used with your website or course to function in:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Course Assistant
  • Support Specialist

An instructional graphic titled  

To use the Kajabi Chatbot you have to sign up to the service through creator.io and pay a separate monthly fee. There are several options based on the volume of interactions you have each month.

 A pricing table comparing four subscription plans: Pro ($99/month), Premium ($25/month), Basic ($10/month), and Starter (Free). Each plan's features include various numbers of chatbots, message credits, resources, transcription minutes, contacts, lead gen tools, and branding options. Each plan has a

I haven’t used the Kajabi Chatbot but can see how having an automated assistant to respond to basic questions about your products and services would be a useful tool.


What is the Kajabi Creator Studio?

The Creator Studio in Kajabi is a tool that helps you maximize the value you get from your video content. With it, you can take an existing video and create smaller shareable videos designed for Instagram, FaceBook, TikTok, LinkedIn, or YouTube. It has a very easy-to-use point-and-click interface to select sentences from a transcript and piece together the video segments where those sentences are said into one video.


With the Creator Studio, you also get access to Adobe Express if you want to take these videos one step further and edit them as you would edit a Reels in Instagram, adding graphics, text, and other design effects.


The Creator studio also has many generative AI features to help you brainstorm content for:

  • Social media, descriptions, headlines, tags, etc.
  • Blog outlines
  • Email content
  • Website content
  • Course and community content

Image of a promotional graphic for a content marketing service. On the left, there are screenshots of different types of content (social media posts, videos, newsletters) featuring a yoga instructor. On the right, text explains the service, highlighting

The Creator studio also creates .srt and .vtt files for video transcripts. It is a really powerful tool that will help you take your video content in Kajabi into many different platforms and uses. It’s actually pretty amazing and intense all at once.


If you want to get more details about how the Creator Studio works, see Kajabi’s help article on the Creator Studio.


Each monthly plan of Kajabi includes access to the Creator Studio and provides limited video credits. If you are going to use the Creator Studio on a regular basis, you will need to subscribe to an additional monthly fee to get enough video credits for your needs.

 An image showing a pricing comparison table for three Creator Studio plans: Free ($0/month), Basic ($9/month), and Premium ($39/month). All plans offer unlimited content, editing with Adobe Express, no watermark, and sharing to social media. Premium includes additional 30 videos and all premium features and design assets.

I am impressed with the Creator Studio, it works really well and does a lot of things. If you are looking for ways to leverage your existing video content within Kajabi, the Creator Studio is the tool for you.


Kajabi AI Questions

Does Kajabi have AI? 

Yes, Kajabi has integrated AI into many areas of its platform including:

  • General Assistant 
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Online Course Setup
  • Chatbot 
  • Creator Studio


Is Kajabi AI Good?

Yes and no. In some ways, Kajabi has integrated AI into it’s platform really well; Like how it builds a landing page, form, and announcement email when you use AI to build an online course.


In other ways, the use of AI shows how far the technology still has to go to create copy that is ready to use; like the lessons it drafts when setting up your course.


You need to learn how to use the AI in Kajabi and leverage it’s strengths, it has the potential to be useful.


Can you build a Course in Kajabi with AI?

The AI in Kajabi will set up some of the mechanics for your course but you will need to add all the content (images, video, copy).


Is Kajabi AI Free?

Some of the AI integrations are free and some aren’t. You have to pay for the Chatbot and video credits of the Creator Studio while Ama and the other AI tools are included in every plan. You can read my Kajabi Pricing Review article for more details about what is included in each Kajabi Plan.


Kajabi 30-Day Free Trial

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Happy Kajabi-ing Ahead

JD - Kajabi Expert



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