3-Months of Kajabi for $99


This promotion ended on January 25th. I am keeping the page up because I want it to come back :)

When it does, this will be here for you.


Right now you can get a 30-day free trial AND Free one-on-one support from my affiliate bonuses. Click the button to try Kajabi for free.

30 Day Free Trial

All the buttons on this page are adjusted to provide the 30-Day free trial until the next 3 months for $99 promotion is active.

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1-on-1 Coaching and Support

During your your first month I will be there for all your questions to help you learn Kajabi and get the most out of it as you can. Don't get stuck setting up your lead magnet or moving text to the right spot on your page; I will talk you through it.  I use Voxer, a free voice messaging app, and with it you can ask me all the questions you have as you get your work done.

This can 10x your productivity in your first month!

My Voxer handle is jhaits256, give me a shout if you have any questions about this offer! My clients LOVE this, it makes a huge difference for them and flattens the learning curve, you get this for Free!

2-Months Access to
Private FB Group

2-Months free access to my private Facebook Group. Each week I hold office hours where you can come and bring your questions or learn from me answering other group members questions. Membership outside of this affiliate offer is $100 per month. You get 2 months of access for free!

30-Minute Strategy Call

Lets sit down together and talk about what you want to get done and what's really important to you. Kajabi has a lot of features, I can help guide you through the platform so you can focus on what matters most right from the get go and not get overwhelmed by everything else.

3 Months for $99

Learning new stuff can be hard and it takes time

My Kajabi Affiliate Bonuses can make a huge difference in how quickly you pick up Kajabi

You will be able to:

  • Focus on¬†the features of Kajabi that are important to you and¬†not waste time in confusion on where to start and what to do first.
  • Get detailed answers to your specific questions and not spend hours searching Google or YouTube¬†for things that might not even help.
  • Get group opportunities where you can share your screen and I‚Äôll help you in the moment to work in your Kajabi and get shown how.
3 Months for $99
An hour spent with JD explaining the basics of Kajabi to me saved me well over 20 hours of hunting, research, learning and frustration.  I left excited to dive in and start creating, instead of learning!

- Heidi Benjaminsen


JD that was amazing! It worked, everything works I can get emails now! Thank you so much for your help over the last couple of months, you are awesome thank you thank you thank you!

- Shannon Resare


Kajabi has proved to be everything we hoped for and more; it is so intuitive to work with and has a lot of great options for customization. It looks beautiful, too! Also, the support we have received over Voxer from JD Haitsma as we have built our membership program and products has been one of the very best parts of our decision… JD is so smart, approachable, kind, patient and easy to talk to. JD always answers our questions quickly and with a great level of detail so that we clearly understand what to do next. There have been moments when we felt we had hit a wall but after just a short Voxer message from JD we were able to solve the problems and move forward
- Andrea Morton, Claudia Z. Hill & Erin Weinman


3 Months for $99

Reasons I Use Kajabi

  • All-in-one platform.¬†The tools in Kajabi cover¬†just about everything I need to run my business.
  • Value. The monthly payment for Kajabi is so worth it for me to get so many of my needs covered. I use Kajabi for my website, blog, landing pages, funnels, courses, private coaching, email marketing, customer management, and payment processing. If I was using¬†individual platforms for these tools, I would be paying a lot more.
  • Kajabi is a great company to partner with. Kajabi is actively engaged with its users and the industry. They are always working on improving their product and regularly add more value to it. In the few years I have used Kajabi they have added AI, the creator studio, coaching, podcast hosting, and many updates to their email marketing website and landing page editor, online course platform, community, and more. The Kajabi I use today is so much more than the Kajabi I signed up to and the price has not changed once!



If you want to learn more about Kajabi before you sign up, take a look at my full Kajabi review (The rabbit doesn't have anything to do with Kajabi, I just like having him there because seeing him reminds me of how fluffy he was). 

I explain all the features of Kajabi, the differences between the 3 plans, and talk about who it is good for. I've been using Kajabi since 2020 and it has helped me so much grow my business.

3 Months of Kajabi for $99

This is a great opportunity to get into Kajabi at a good price. This offer usually doesn't happen more than once a year. The promotion ended on January 25th.

There is no free trial period in this promotion, use this link if you would rather have a 30-day free trial of Kajabi.

Start your free trial here to get my free one-on-one support and other affiliate bonuses.

3 Months for $99

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